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We know how to market clinics. We've owned one before.

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About us

Clinic marketing & SEO specialist

Established in 2016, Healthmark has since been recognized by international media as Singapore’s premier digital marketing agency for clinics, doctors and healthcare institutions.

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How we started

The Healthmark story

Founded by ex-clinic owners, Healthmark’s team is equipped with proprietary medical marketing knowledge few others are aware of.

Before and after photos can be legally allowed on your website. Your patients can be interviewed for video marketing material without violating regulations. There’s a way to LIVE stream treatments while staying compliant with the PHMC Publicity Act. Our in-depth knowledge of regulatory guidelines help us craft unique campaigns not available anywhere else.

All members of the Healthmark team are able to offer advice to clinics about the legal and marketing complications affecting the medical industry. We strongly believe in knowing more about medical marketing than our esteemed clients. Instead of clinics having to tell us what's against MOH's guidelines.

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Meet the team

Healthmark's team is highly trained in digital marketing and well-versed in the guidelines regulating publicity for doctors, clinics and healthcare institutions.

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