April 2017

marketing automation is too expensive
18 Apr 2017

Seriously? SEO Singapore too expensive for SMEs.

70% of companies planned to increase their digital marketing spend in 2015-2016. 78% of companies now have some form of social media. And why not? According to a report by ST, Singaporeans spend at least 3 hours on their phones daily, with 71% checking social networks at least once per day.

Ruby Warehouse Complex
06 Apr 2017

Which Businesses Make Money in Singapore?

Throughout the course of my work, I’ve had the privilege to access confidential financial data of SMEs from various industries. One trend I’ve noticed is that the young entrepreneurs who approach me do NOT come from industries that really make money. This is really interesting. Why?

Picking a social media agency in Singapore?
03 Apr 2017

Picking a social media agency in Singapore?

Clients often ask me, “Nate, should I hire a social media agency to do Facebook?” It’s no doubt social media marketing is on the rise across the world. Singapore is slow to pick up on this trend so it’s only in recent years that it’s caught fire.