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In order to stay compliant with MOH, SMC and SDC’s guidelines, marketing agencies will often perform very generic strategies to play it safe. Such techniques result in a low number of enquiries for clinics. On the flip side, there are aggressive marketers that promise results and use non-compliant methods to get customers for their clinics. These violations are completely invisible to the untrained eye. However, PHMCs face dire consequences if caught.

Healthmark is Singapore’s only medical marketing specialist and using our in-house regulations expertise, we’re able to catch and remedy any faulty marketing practices you’re currently experiencing.

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Our team of experts audits your marketing agency’s work by combing through the technical data on Google Ads and Facebook marketing metrics. We then match your performance to industry benchmarks. Underperformance in critical areas such as Google Ads Interaction Rate (below 5%), Ad Positions (consistently outside Top 3) and Impression Shares (below 75% of total views) will be highlighted in an in-depth Clinic Marketing Audit Report. Suggested fixes will also be proposed to help make your marketing perform above industry averages.

We guarantee your marketing gets more effective. Catch poor performing campaigns and ads early on. Implement Healthmark’s recommended improvements to see an increase in patient enquiries.

Check for Non-Compliant Marketing

Even marketing agencies experienced in crafting medical campaigns are not regulatory experts when it comes to the requirements of MOH, SMC and SDC. As such, clinics and doctors often have to tell agencies what can or cannot be used for publicity. This information asymmetry often results in multiple violations of social media and website marketing. To prevent it, many clinics prefer to avoid marketing altogether.

We help guarantee 100% compliant publicity. Our in-house regulations experts will go through all copy on Google Ads, social media and website. We highlight any potential violations and go a step further to suggest alternative solutions that are fully compliant. Safety is our #1 concern. Sleep in peace knowing there aren’t any of MOH’s love letters in your mailbox.

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Established in 2016, we have since helped market more than 50 medical related websites. Here's a shortlist of clinics we've worked with.

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