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These days, people find everything on Google. If they have a medical problem and don’t know any recommended doctors, you can almost bet your house they’d be asking Google. And when they do, Google shows them those 3 same advertisement spots at the top. Appearing there helps these patients find you.

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Other agencies can explain all they want about alternative channels and how they handle conflict of interests between multiple clients operating in the same niche. But the honest truth is, there are only 3 ad spots at the top of a Google search results page. Are you there?

We guarantee website visits.Having been involved in digital marketing for clinics since 2009, and being clinic owners before ourselves in the past, we’ve uncovered a few useful tricks to help clients get an advantage in Google’s ad bidding system. The entire top 3 for multiple keywords in the plastic surgery niche are our past and present clients. Coincidence? We think not.

High market share

There are only that many searches per month for relevant keywords. If users don’t type the keywords in, google can’t show ads for clinics bidding on those keywords. The large number of clinics fighting for the top 3 spots makes this an extremely competitive space.

We guarantee eyeballs. Google has a metric called “impression share”, which measures your slice of the advertisement pie. In a space where advertising campaigns often struggle to get past 60%, we’re confident of helping you reach up to 90%+ of the available market share. And that’s with half the budget of what others need.

Compliant advertising

Your ads won’t say you’re the most experienced doctor in Singapore. But it might mention your 30 years of experience. Your ads won’t say your treatment is free. But it could say it’s fully Medisave claimable. We know what you want. We know what MOH wants. We know what patients want. Find us a better combination and we’d buy dinner at your favorite Michelin Star restaurant.

We guarantee safe advertising. All ad copies are checked by our lead regulations consultant for adherence to the PHMC Publicity Act and SMC Ethical Guidelines. In addition, our ad copies are compliant with Google’s ad policies and their list of 4,000+ restricted pharmaceutical terms.

Our track record

Consistently outperforming industry CTR averages by 300% (or more) means Healthmark clients pay the least for the highest Google ad spots.

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Established in 2016, we have since helped market more than 50 medical related websites. Here's a shortlist of clinics we've worked with.

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