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These days, a website is almost a requirement for business. The way your clinic looks must form a strong first impression for a new patient walking in.

Likewise, prospective patients who find you online will link the design of your website to the personality of the doctor. With a properly designed clinic website, you project a clean, professional image to people who are seeing you for the first time.

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User-friendly cms

We don’t hold our clients ransom by controlling the code on your website. Our websites use WordPress’ Content Management System for the backend systems to ensure you retain full control and the power to make changes if you ever want it.

We guarantee longevity. You’ll never run into a situation where a new vendor tells you the website must be rebuilt because they can’t work with your code. Also, all our websites are built to be extremely SEO friendly.

Phmc compliance

Healthmark offers the only website design service in Singapore that includes content vetting by a consultant for adherence to the PHMC Publicity Act and SMC Ethical Guidelines.

We guarantee peace of mind. Start your clinic marketing journey knowing full you’re safe from the Ministry of Health’s love letters. By the way, Google and Facebook has their own sets of guidelines too. Failure to comply gets your website banned from advertising on their platforms.

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Persuasive content

With the latest revision to the PHMC Act, patient testimonials are now allowed on your own website. Are you ahead of the curve on this? Social proofing is an amazing method to convince prospective patients. As you’re unable to distinguish yourself from others through traditional marketing means, your effort needs to go into building authority and trust in ways that are compliant.

We guarantee enquiries. Healthmark’s web pages follow the latest design principles in online conversion optimization. Combine this with our knowledge of how far we can safely push MOH’s guidelines, you’ll soon own the most convincing website among your peers.

Our track record

We are Singapore's only website design service that provides medical copywriting and a full audit for compliance with MOH's regulations.

Clinic web Design #1

Clinic web Design #1

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Clinic web Design #2

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Clinic web Design #3

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Clinic web Design #4

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Clinic web Design #5

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Clinic web Design #6

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Established in 2016, we have since helped market more than 50 medical related websites. Here's a shortlist of clinics we've worked with.

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