Building a medical website is a combination of art and science.
Your clinic website has to look good and feature carefully curated content to engage prospective patients. A good medical website should:
  • Showcase your medical expertise
  • Build trust & authority
  • Engage prospective patients
  • Convert users to book an appointment
Our philosophy for creating top medical websites is guided by 4 principles.

A Classy Design

Patients want to land on a website that looks classy, credible and easy on the eye. In short, look medical.
Healthmark advocates a minimalistic style – clean, friendly and fits modern aesthetic standards. We keep the primary colours to a gold standard of white or off-white. We don’t want to look too flamboyant.
The colour that gives identity to your website will be your brand colour. Pastel colours or lighter shades are very safe choices. Most specialist doctors opt for shades of blue. Gold or black can work very well for aesthetic or plastic surgery clinics.
Our criteria for fonts is to look clean. Helvetica and Times New Roman are good examples.
Examples of good website designs:
Would this mean all the sites designed by Healthmark would look the same?
Not at all. What gives your website its distinctive design are your brand colours, pictures and personality of the doctor. No two medical sites are ever the same.

Written with Substance

What and how is written on your website decides if your site visitors turn into actual enquiries. Writing generic content results in poor engagement and few enquiries. Patients want to read information that is relevant to them.
Content that is educational and localised will engage site visitors and increase conversions.
  • Citations from credible sources
  • Localised context
  • Well-optimised for SEO
  • Full HCSA guidelines compliance
Quality content goes hand in hand with a solid digital marketing strategy. Expect nothing but the best as we craft content that captivates and converts.
Healthmark strongly recommends using real pictures of doctors in action. Real pictures bring authenticity, personalises you and leave an immediate impression on readers.

Super Fast Site

No users will wait 7 to 10 seconds for a site to load.
Site speed affects more than just User Experience (UX). It is a massive blight on SEO and makes it very difficult for your site to rank on Google.
We don’t just want a fast site. We want it ultra fast – 1 to 2 seconds max.
How are your sites so fast?
We make this possible through our proprietary ZECKI site-building and optimisation technique. It’s a trade secret.

Affordable Pricing

It is meaningless to build a medical site if it costs you an arm and a leg.
Healthmark is a huge proponent of prioritising budget for marketing. Affordability for clinics is a big factor when we price our web-building projects.
Keen on building a top-tier medical website without breaking the bank? Get in touch with us at We look forward to sharing more details.
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