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In 2015, Healthmark was formed when a friend came to us for help on marketing his plastic surgery practice.
Today, we work with more than 50 medical brands ensures their digital dominance.
Today, we ensure the digital dominance of more than 50 medical brands.
We only employ the most direct method to achieve visibility for your practice.
99% of the time, it’s SEO.

41% of the time, it’s Google Ads.

22% of the time, it’s Social Media.
Healthmark’s values are rooted deeply in being direct, transparent and results-driven.

Our Expertise

Putting Doctors on Google’s first page.

Our combination of proprietary medical seo assets, evolving techniques and content writing has paved the way for our clients’ dominance on Google Search.
Doctors want visibility, traffic and patients. Achieving that is what we’re good at.

Ethical Marketing.

Our intimate understanding of PHMC & SMC (and soon to be HCSA) guidelines ensure our work is 100% compliant.

Quality Medical Content.

We are well known for delivering quality, compliant and excellent medical content for doctors.

Problem Solving for Medical Practices.

Only possible with long years of experience and deep industry knowledge.
We frequently advise you on marketing improvements and preemptively identify problems to be solved.
Our doctors tell us this is our greatest strength.
We invite you to experience it.

Your Questions

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a form of online marketing to drive traffic to your website from search engines, primarily Google. There’s a formula for ranking high on Google search results; this depends on various criteria and metrics. Our job is to optimize your website’s metrics in order to get your site to rank higher.
We do, but only when deemed beneficial for you. We synergise our SEO with Google Ads and social media in situations where it is financially sensible.
Ads through Social Media and Google can be situationally useful but medical seo delivers the best results consistently. Patients that find you though organic search convert at a far higher rate. The overall cost is also much lower than paid ads in the long run.
Most clinics actually do not spend a lot of resources on digital marketing or on building a strong online presence. Marketing plays multiple roles in building visibility for your practice.

Having a strong online presence allows your clinic to stand out as compared to the many other medical practices that can be found online. It allows you to highlight your strengths and USPs and gives you a platform where you can express your philosophies and approach towards medicine.
Most private clinics rely on a mix of word of mouth, referrals and their own clientele in order to gain more patients.

Through building up a strong presence and digital visibility, it will be easier for patients who find you online to find your practice to be more trustworthy and credible.
Nothing is guaranteed in SEO. However, having high organic traffic dramatically increases your number of opportunities to get strong converting leads.

Having good SEO allows you to be found for important keywords associated with your practice and the services you offer. Whether or not you convert these visits into leads depends on a slew of other factors, including your website, the website’s copy, your own track record and your reputation.
Information on the internet is so accessible nowadays that having well-written, original and educational content on your website helps to build authoritativeness and allows you to display medical expertise when compared to a website without a doctor at the helm.
This varies greatly. Getting your page onto page 1 depends on a variety of factors such as domain age, domain strength, keyword competition and most importantly, Google’s algorithm. A reasonable ballpark figure can only be determined through an analysis of your website.
Being at the top of Google’s SERPs is not a permanent position. Competition for SEO is extremely high for many medical niches. Google’s algorithms are updated frequently and it takes a lot of resources in order to maintain strong rankings. Reducing SEO efforts opens the door for other clinics to leapfrog you in the rankings.
It varies greatly on how competitive your specialization is. For example, the average marketing budget for a plastic surgeon will understandably be a lot higher than that for a general practitioner.

We’ve dealt with many medical specializations and we have an intimate understanding of where your marketing dollars should go. Being our client allows you to get the maximum mileage of each marketing dollar spent.
We do not enforce any binding contract. You are free to terminate at any time (with a 30-day advance clause).

If we somehow don’t live up to your expectations, just contact us about your issues and you’re free to move on at any time.
Again, we strongly believe in transparency. No hidden charges or setup fees. We consider speed fixes, on-site optimization, auditing link profiles and any SEO-associated work to already be part of the deal.
Our team:

• Curates & writes content optimized for specific keywords
• Audits your site technically and optimizes its backend performance
• Builds up your domain strength through backlink building
• Strategically markets your business based on technical factors
A report will be compiled and sent to your e-mail during the first week of every month. The report will track metrics on multiple levels, including:

• Keyword level
• Traffic level
• Conversion level
Doctors are very busy professionals. We like to keep information salient and your time here efficient. If you’ll like to find out more about us, a little search on Google for “Healthmark Marketing” will reveal plenty.
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