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Innovative clinic marketing

So your marketer only knows how to buy ads?

Founded by ex-clinic owners, Healthmark’s team is equipped with proprietary medical marketing knowledge few others are aware of.

Safe, compliant clinic marketing

Before and after photos can be legally allowed on your website. Your patients can be interviewed for video marketing material without violating regulations. There’s a way to LIVE stream treatments while staying compliant with the PHMC Publicity Act. Our in-depth knowledge of regulatory guidelines help us craft unique campaigns unavailable anywhere else.

All members of the Healthmark team are able to offer advice to clinics about the legal and marketing complications affecting the medical industry. We strongly believe in knowing more about medical marketing than our esteemed clients. Instead of clinics having to tell us what's against MOH's guidelines.

Seo for clinics

Clinic marketing experts

Healthmark is a clinic marketing & SEO company that offers a very unique set of reasons that make us the go-to name for medical practices


Safe advertising

Marketing material is checked by a regulations expert for adherence to MOH and SMC's guidelines. Text copies are 100% compliant with Google ad policies and list of 4,000+ restricted pharmaceutical terms.


Protect your name

Your name can become a keyword for competitors to buy on Google. We have ways to protect you from that. By establishing authority on specific keywords, we make it harder for competitors to buy your name.


Patients will know you

Healthmark conversion optimization ensures leads. Combine this with our knowledge of how to safely push guidelines and you’d soon have the most standout marketing among peers.

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Be a market leader

Having been in digital marketing for clinics since 2009, and being clinic owners before in the past, we’ve uncovered a few tricks to help clients get every advantage in Google’s ad bidding system. The Top 3 spots for almost every Plastic Surgery related keyword are our past and present clients. Coincidence? We think not. Put your clinic at the top.


Regulations expertise

Your ads won’t say you’re the most experienced doctor in Singapore. But it might mention your 30 years of experience. Your ads won’t mention free treatments. But it could say it’s Medisave claimable. We know what you want. We know what MOH wants. We know what patients want.


Showcase your work

Do you know there's a way to LIVE stream your surgery on social media legally within the MOH framework? Of course, we’re not suggesting something that extreme. But we have compliant ways to showcase your most powerful content through a custom marketing plan that combines Google, Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Trusted by the experts

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Being a boutique agency, we’re not as mass market and grand-scale as the typical media giant. So it’s nice when our work gets acknowledged.

Valued clients

Who we've worked with

Established in 2016, we have since helped market more than 50 medical related websites. Here's a short list of clinics we've worked with.

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