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Healthmark is dedicated exclusively to serving clients within the healthcare sector. Our extensive clientele comprises mainly of specialist clinics, with the remaining being aesthetic clinics, telehealth platforms, allied health centres, and more.
Today, we work with more than 50 medical brands ensures their digital dominance.
Our core expertise lies in the realm of digital medical marketing, encompassing Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM), supported by high-quality content.
As healthcare industry insiders and seasoned business owners, we go beyond the traditional agency role. We pride ourselves on being trusted consultants, leveraging our years of experience to provide holistic solutions tailored to your medical specialty & Unique Selling Points (USP).
Healthmark’s values are rooted deeply in being direct, transparent and results-driven. We understand the bottom line, what matters and what doesn’t for a business.
Today, we work with more than 50 medical brands ensures their digital dominance.

Google Premier Partners

Healthmark is proud to be recognised as a Google Premier Partner in 2024, distinguishing us as Singapore's only medical marketing agency with this prestigious certification.
Google Partners is a marketing program that recognises top-performing digital advertising agencies globally. Only about the 10% of all agencies worldwide are Google Partners, and only the top 3% are Google Premier Partners.

Our Expertise

Search Engine Optimisation

Proprietary medical SEO assets, evolving techniques and content writing has paved the way for our clients’ dominance on Google Search.
Putting doctors on the first page is what we’re good at.

Search Engine Marketing

With captivating ad copy and high-converting landing pages targeted to the right audience, we don’t just aim for clicks – we achieve ROI for our doctors.

Social Media Marketing

We tailor our SMM approach to suit your specialty's unique needs - whether it's building brand awareness, nurturing patient relationships, or driving specific actions.

Content Creation

Quality content goes hand in hand with a solid digital marketing strategy. Expect nothing but the best as we craft content that captivates and converts.

Beyond Digital Marketing

We connect doctors with Medical Concierges, Insurance Panels, Claims Specialists, Medical Groups for private practice options, etc.
Over the years of close collaborations with doctors and medical entities, we have established a vast network of resources helpful to doctors, especially those looking to start their own private practice, join one, or looking to partner with another like-minded doctor.
The challenges of a private practice are demanding today. Staffing, getting onto insurance panels, finding helpful channels of referrals, digital marketing, etc are all the hoops a private practice has to jump through.
We'd like to share these resources with you. We charge no fees for this.

Your Questions

It depends. When you do digital marketing, it needs to make financial sense. Is your specialty one that can potentially acquire patients online? Or does it depend on referral from your peers (eg. anaesthesiologists) or walk-ins (eg. GPs)?

Selected strategies (eg. purely SEO) may work better for certain specialties, while a combination of a few strategies (eg. SEO + SMM) will work better for others. We will only suggest strategies we deem financially sensible.
Most private clinics rely on a mix of referrals from the hospital, their peers, medical concierges, and existing patients to gain more patients.

By building a strong digital presence, it is easier for patients to find you online, and exhibit trust and credibility.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a form of online marketing to drive traffic to your website from search engines, primarily Google. There’s a formula for ranking high on Google search results; this depends on various criteria and metrics. Our job is to optimise your website’s metrics to get your site to rank higher.
This varies greatly. Getting your page onto page 1 depends on a variety of factors such as domain age, domain strength, keyword competition and most importantly, Google’s algorithm. A reasonable ballpark figure can only be determined through an analysis of your website.
Being at the top of Google’s SERPs is not a permanent position. Competition for SEO is extremely high for many medical niches. Google’s algorithms are updated frequently and it takes a lot of resources in order to maintain strong rankings. Reducing SEO efforts opens the door for other clinics to leapfrog you in the rankings.
SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is a paid media strategy that involves bidding on keywords related to your business and displaying ads to patients who search for those keywords, driving targeted traffic to your website. Our job is to craft attractive ad copies, landing on compelling pages, with easy call-to-actions to provide quality leads for your clinic.
Information on the internet is so accessible nowadays that having well-written, original and educational content on your website helps to build authoritativeness and allows you to display medical expertise when compared to a website without a doctor at the helm.
It varies greatly on how competitive your specialisation is. For example, the average marketing budget for an orthopaedic or plastic surgeon will understandably be a lot higher than that for a general practitioner.

We’ve dealt with many medical specialisations and have an intimate understanding of where your marketing dollars should go. Being our client allows you to get the maximum mileage of each marketing dollar spent.
We do not enforce any binding contract of minimum term. You are free to terminate at any time (with a 30-day notice), with no termination fee.

If we somehow don’t live up to your expectations, just contact us about your issues and you’re free to move on at any time.
Data shows that users searching on platforms like Google exhibit higher intent, as they are actively seeking solutions to their needs. This makes Search (SEO & SEM) an effective way to capture potential patients at the moment they’re most interested in your services.

That being said, social media has its place for showcasing doctors’ personalities and raising awareness for lesser-known services and solutions. Speak to us to receive a marketing proposal tailored to your practice.
Ready to elevate your healthcare practice? Focus on delivering exceptional clinical outcomes while we focus on driving patient flow to your door.
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