$0 SME Marketing That Surprisingly Works in Singapore

July 26, 2016

If any of you have read THAT previous post of mine, you’d probably know by now that hiring a digital marketing company in Singapore is hard.

The Question

Any agency can claim good figures (“Increased revenue by 30%”) etc. But:

  • If you spend $5,000 on marketing, you’d always see an increase in sales. That’s nothing amazing. However, that increases in sales don’t mean you earn more than $5,000 back. You might still lose money to ads and agency fees.
  • Fixed fees bring about a conflict of interest. Your marketer only needs to do the minimum required to earn your fixed fee every month. Whether you make or lose money, he still gets his fee.
  • If someone can help you make so much extra all the time, why is he/she still charging you a monthly fee instead of a pushing for a profit share? This shows 0 business sense. And you wouldn’t want to trust your marketing to someone with 0 business sense.

The Solution

Profit-sharing investment.

I PAY FOR YOUR MARKETINGI BEAR ALL THE COSTS INVOLVED. And I hire the people I need to get the stuff in return for a cut on the profits generated by my work.

No profits? I get nothing and lose all the money I put in.

My Criteria

Of course, with any business investment, this doesn’t come without a catch. My 4 criteria:

  • You sell mainly to other SMEs (not looking to invest in consumer retail or MNC sector now)
  • A proven business model (apologise I’m not looking at potential ideas or startups now)
  • You already do sales & marketing but are hungry for even faster growth
  • Profit per sale of at least a few thousand (not looking at high volume/small ticket items)

Everyone loves numbers so I’d give some.

My most recent investment resulted in the company earning an extra $110,000 revenue last month. Facebook, Google, Marketing, Sales Costs came from my end. They work on around 300% profit margin based on variable-costs-per-sale.

If you fulfil all 4 criteria, DROP ME A MESSAGE WITH THE FORM. Let’s discuss more.

By Nate Wang

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