3 dangers of hiring an SEO agency Singapore

January 6, 2017

Many modern SMEs want to try SEO. The first thing they do is go out and hire an SEO agency Singapore. That’s not always the best choice, as some businesses don’t even need SEO. Nonetheless, assuming your business needs SEO, do you know that hiring an SEO agency in Singapore has its own dangers?

Learn these 3 before you hire an SEO agency to save a LOT of time and money.

Your SEO agency in Singapore focuses on On-Page

Almost every SEO agency in Singapore tells you it’s included in your web design package. I’ve had to correct a number of SEO agencies in Singapore that wanted to optimize the website Title, URL, Domain, Headings, Subheadings, Metatags, Meta-description etc.

All these things make up barely 10% of SEO power in a competitive market!!! Why would any self-respecting SEO agency spend the bulk of his time here!? I usually just fix the On-Page essentials and move on.

As proof, go to Google now and search for “click here”. This page shows up in the top 3. The Adobe website doesn’t have the words “click here” in either the URL, page Title or main Heading. Heck, it doesn’t even have those words anywhere on the page!

So why is the Abode website ranked 3rd WORLDWIDE for that keyword?

Off-Page SEO is VERY complex

This is where your SEO agency must spend most of their time. Off-page links account for 90% of your website’s competitive ranking.

However, this is much more complex than most SEO agencies in Singapore believe. After all, most SEO agencies in Singapore are reselling packages from overseas.

By being a reseller, you seldom get into the technical details of things, and hence, will not be able to truly grasp the whole picture. The following is a list of things an SEO agency in Singapore won’t know about.

  • Trust Flow has replaced Domain Authority
  • The old DA never even flowed to inner pages
  • Link Velocity theories dictate that building them too fast will result in penalties
  • However, high TF sites get away with more as Google factors in social signals and virality
  • Link Profile theories look at the sources your backlinks come from
  • IP addresses from the hosting of your links play a part
  • Domain Age matters more than most people believe
  • Exact match anchor text can kill you
  • Yet contextual articles without links might help you
  • Finally, negative SEO is very, very real

And that’s just scratching the surface. There is so much more involved than just “build some backlinks from directories and blogs”. Make a mistake and your website ranking slows down, stagnates or gets penalized.

SEO Singapore is still about money

At the end of the day, this is a realistic world. If both competitors have equal skill level, then the one willing to pay more will win. Natural link building is tedious and expensive!

Are you in a super competitive industry such as HEALTHCARE, LAWYERS, INTERIOR DESIGN, TUITION/CHILDCARE? Or perhaps property or insurance?

Give me $4,000 and I can get you to the top 10 in no time. This is because there’s much more budget to buy extremely powerful backlinks.

With $1,500 monthly, you’d beat most of your competitors to the top 10 in probably 12-18 months. Your link building will be slow and natural but not as powerful.

With an $800 budget, I’d have to go for keywords that are low hanging fruit and slowly build it up. You won’t be able to compete for the highest volume keywords first, and will likely need to focus on a local context.

With a $400 budget, you’re better saving it, because whatever you buy will be of too poor quality.

Whether you’re a marketer interested and learning search engine optimization, or a small business looking to hire an SEO agency in Singapore, bear these 3 things in mind to see much-improved results.

By Nate Wang

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