Nate Wang’s Digital Marketing Blueprint

July 20, 2016

It’s been awhile since my last post, and this one’s going to be a little different. It’s less for business owners and more for the aspiring marketer.

Despite my posts being written for fellow business owners, I do notice a group of interested readers from the marketing industry. One recurring question I get is “How can I get good at digital marketing”?

So I’m going to reveal it all here, step by step, at 0 cost to you

(I don’t believe in $2,000 marketing courses, and neither should you).

Unfortunately, I’m also not going to advocate magic formulas and pills. Getting good is tough. I can provide the digital marketing blueprint. What you do with it, is entirely up to you as an individual. Here are the 9 steps you can follow:

  1. Ignore all advice, events and seminars from the corporate MNC world. They hardly work. It’s a completely different skillset. Corporate progression is based on your ability to present yourself and impress others, rather than the raw executional skills you’d be aiming for. Expert advice straight from Google or Facebook team? Listen. Learn. Then mostly IGNORE. 95% of the time it’s useless, but there’s still 5% you can learn.
  2. Start HANDS-ON. create your own FB and Google advertising accounts
  3. Stop being worried about compliance and approval issues that you take 2 months to do anything. Bloody go out there and take ACTION. Handle problems as and when they come. You’d learn fast enough to compensate for anything that goes wrong.
  4. Swear you will focus on mastering these 2 before doing anything else. Throw EVERYTHING else out of your head. No email marketing, no list marketing bullshit, no LinkedIn, no Instagram etc. Most marketers try to be good at everything. But “good” is insufficient. Be the one who’s an ABSOLUTE MASTER at Facebook and Google.
  5. Look for 3 friends who have small/medium businesses. Offer to do marketing for them for FREE in exchange for a tiny share of the profits
  6. Experiment with your own money
  7. While working on that, read 3 things:
    1. Underground money making tactics at Black Hat World’s FORUMS. See creative ways underground people use digital marketing to build businesses. Learn to differentiate the good stuff from the bullshit.
    2. The Lean Startup book
    3. Pretotype by the ex-Google dude
    4. You will understand the philosophy behind the above 2 books. NEVER betray those principles until you are good enough to deviate and experiment. Stop questioning. Get damn bloody good, THEN question.
  8. Now, have you managed to get some profits from your friends’ businesses yet? No? Good. Feel the pinch of losing your own money and get spurred on to improve. Experiment more. Find the key message. Adopt the right marketing angle. Show it to the right audience who cares. Think of creative ways to do all of the above for as little cost as possible.
  9. As you read more, your tactics will change. They will shift from the more conventional methods that FB, Google and corporates teach, to the more unorthodox but effective techniques that underground marketers and growth hackers use

The above is as effective a blueprint as I can provide. I personally went through a much tougher path because there was no one to guide me. Finally, a word of advice: If you’re more concerned about getting a salary increment, or your next promotion, then it’s more efficient to work on your “Speech” and “Presentation Skills”.

That’s my guide. What you do now is up to you.

By Nate Wang

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