Page 1 SEO with just $1,000 over 2 months (Singapore startups and sole-props)

May 29, 2017

As everyone will know by now, SEO Singapore is a long-term play. Unfortunately, this also means you’d have to pay monthly SEO fees for 6 to 12 months before your website gets into Page 1.

24 months X $800 (average cost for solid SEO) = $19,200. That’s not something small businesses can readily invest.

Thankfully, there are shortcuts.

People in digital marketing always say “it depends”. Well, it’s true. Provided you meet the following conditions, you can actually get your website to Google Page 1 within a month.

You might be thinking “how can any weak space be worth it?”

Well, here’s an example of a weak space.


2,900 searches per month, in the super-competitive MEDICAL space, worth $6.50 per click. Assuming the #1 spot gets clicked 20% of the time, this translates to a monthly value of around $3,700!!!

Who’s #1 now? doctorxdentist.com – a friend of mine I’m helping pro-bono because I like his vision of a free online medical knowledgebase for Singaporeans. It took us less than 1-2 months to attack and dominate that keyword, with a relatively new website, beating out marketers who have been doing this for years.

This proves that weak spaces aren’t always packed with bad keywords. Who knows, maybe your industry is in a weak space too and you can dominate it easily without spending much.

Here are a few tools you can use to do your own SEO research:

  • google.com/ko/KeywordPlanner (helps discover exactly how many people search for specific keywords every month)
  • kwfinder.com (measures the competition on Page 1 of Google. Anything below 30/100 is easy to beat. You can only use the free version for 2 keywords per day)

If all else fails, just approach a real SEO expert.

By Nate Wang

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