Picking a social media agency in Singapore?

April 3, 2017

Clients often ask me, “Nate, should I hire a social media agency to do Facebook?”

It’s no doubt social media agency is on the rise across the world. Singapore is slow to pick up on this trend so it’s only in recent years that it’s caught fire. But before you go search for a social media agency in Singapore, think about this:

“Social media marketing might be new in Singapore. But social media isn’t.”

Simply put, you might be rushing into something that is already outdated. My clients spend an average of $13,000/mth on digital marketing but not all of them run social media.

As explained in my other article, Facebook’s reach has been dwindling, while advertiser spends has been increasing. Put these factors together and it means fewer people will be able to make a profit from social media marketing.

To stand a chance of profiting from social media, take note of these 3 things.

Social Media Marketing Platform

The platform you choose depends on who you’re going after. Don’t try to do everything. Pick the best 1-2 and do it VERY WELL. The worst thing you can do is have a social media account with 100s of posts which nobody bothers reading or commenting on.

Mind Champs

Just look at the MindChamps FB page. They have a new post every few days that nobody bothers about. Do you really want to pay a social media agency in Singapore for that?

  • Facebook – English educated crowd, 20s to 40s. Females and parents preferred.
  • LinkedIn – Corporates only. NOT SMEs. Only those MNC guys.
  • Twitter – Westernized corporates. Pop culture fans.
  • Instagram – Younger generation. Females.

Social Media Agency in Singapore

Picking a social media agency in Singapore is a nightmare. I’m sorry I can’t give any recommendations. What I can advise is to do the same things you would do in picking a good digital marketer. Basically, if the social media agency doesn’t ask enough questions to make you feel like they understand your business model, industry and customers, don’t hire them.

Type of Social Media Marketing Campaign

This is probably the most important of the 3 things.

Social media marketing in Singapore is getting crowded. You are fighting for space with so many other advertisers and paying ridiculous prices. Fortunately, this is a game that’s still quite easy to win.

Nearly every single social media agency in Singapore treats it as a marketing/advertising platform.


Social media is simply that. SOCIAL.

The mindset of a user on social media is very different from someone searching on Google. There’s no inherent buying intent and they’re not looking for your product. Despite that, MILLIONS of Singaporean advertisers still craft their campaigns to showcase the best their brands have to offer. Why?


If you’ve noticed, the best ROI campaigns on social media all have 1 thing in common. They went SOCIAL. The content is either heavily liked, shared, commented, retweeted etc. Craft your social media campaigns around these factors rather being just another ad.

Remember, people on social media are not there to click ads. They’re there to be SOCIAL.

By Nate Wang

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