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We already know people look for everything on Google. But the biggest advantage of SEO Singapore is that it’s not seen as advertising. MOH doesn’t see it that way, and neither do potential customers see it that way.

SEO is the best way to get patients to “accidentally” discover your website. Being less salesy than other forms of in-your-face advertising, it’s a 100% requirement for clinic marketing. Do yourself a favour and get it.

Why choose us

Protect your brand

Did you know your brand might be a keyword that your competitors have already purchased? We have ways to protect you from that. By establishing authority on specific keywords, you make it harder for the majority of competitors to bid on it.

We guarantee uniqueness. Healthmark offers plenty of unique advice that only a PHMC regulations expert can safely give. Through combining the content we’ll create together and the high-quality technical SEO is done, you can be almost certain that there will be only ONE Dr “Your Name” left renowned on the internet.

An insane track record

Having helped multiple clinic websites with their SEO since 2009, Healthmark has put more than 40 different websites into the Top 5 of Google. From clinics to medical tech startups and even information portals, we have solid experience in pushing up anything medical related; with a few secret tricks of the trade, of course.

We guarantee improved SEO rankings. Increase traffic from your desired target audience to your website by getting onto the first page. Our organic search team keeps up to date with the best SEO strategies in the industry. There’s no point in us telling you how much we stand out. Scroll down to see what we’ve achieved.

Premium prices

No. That wasn’t a typo. Premium prices don’t help us. They help you. A single article from the Business Times can cost your clinic as much as $8,000 in PR. Now, will an SEO agency in Singapore charging you $500 per month for SEO ever bother with that?

We guarantee quality SEO. We don’t use junk backlinks. We don’t necessarily need $8,000 PR pieces every month. There are much better value-for-money ways to do it. Healthmark’s proprietary SEO blueprint will NOT be revealed to clients. But rest assured you’d start seeing your website make an explosive climb up Google’s rankings.

Our track record

We have helped more than 40 unique medical related websites successfully climb Google's search rankings. Here are some of our results, past and present.

SEO results #1

SEO results #1

SEO results #2

SEO results #2

SEO results #3

SEO results #3

SEO results #4

SEO results #4

SEO results #5

SEO results #5

SEO results #6

SEO results #6

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Established in 2016, we have since helped market more than 50 medical related websites. Here's a shortlist of clinics we've worked with.

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